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How to Write a Blog Post That Rank #1 on Google SERP

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You're writing all these blog content, but for some reason, you're not receiving any Google positions or search traffic. And guess what? 

Today, I'll show you How to Write a Blog Post That Ranks in 2022 and how to improve it.

The Exact Cause of Your Blog's Failure to Rank How to Write a Google-Rated Blog Post

The true explanation behind Google's ranking The reason I'm asking is that blogging is no longer a numbers game.

When I first started blogging, there were only around 30 or 40 million blogs. It was a lower figure. 

There are now over a billion blogs. Consider it for a moment. On the internet, there are a billion blogs. That equates to one blog for every seven persons.

Do you believe we really need all of those blogs? No way, no how.

As a result, blogging has switched from a quality to a quantity game. When I first started, I used to think that if you can just pump out a lot of stuff, you'll be OK. 

And now you're not going to perform well if you do that. So I'm going to walk you through the formula step by step. If you really want to create content that will be ranked by Google.

Step one is to go to Ubersuggest.

Step two, after you've arrived to Ubersuggest, enter a competitive URL. So, choose any of your rivals who you know are performing very well and enter their URL into Ubersuggest.

Step three will bring you to an overview page.

This will show you their traffic as well as all of their search phrases within the region you're interested in.

You're searching for the keywords that generate the highest traffic and volume. Have a low SEO difficulty number or search difficulty. 

Ideally, less than 50. 

You're also looking for terms with a high cost per click. So, in general, the more than a dollar, two, or three bucks, the better. 

These are money keywords that you will find if you search for them. 

I want you to go to Google and look for 'em. So go to Google and type in one of those terms. When you run a search, read all of the top 10 articles.

When you read all of the top 10 articles, you'll have a decent idea of what Google is searching for in the articles that Google ranks for that phrase. 

Especially if you want to rank on Google for it.

produce a far superior essay I'm not talking about anything that's twice or three times as long. I'm not even referring to ten times the length. 

Yes, you want something lengthier and more detailed. But it's not just about the length. It's more about being thorough. Did you go over every detail of that article, that topic?

Is it necessary to use a convection oven? Oven with no convection. All of these applications are so particular that when someone reads your material, they will think it is fantastic. 

And this is the secret to producing outstanding content. That is how you create traffic-generating content. 

It is not about creating a large number of items. It's all about creating high-quality results.

I have a suggestion for you: when you're creating this content, email all of the other sites from where you get your information. 

The websites to which you are connected. And tell 'em, hello John, I connected to your site, and I really like what you're doing.

I've linked to my most recent pizza article. Look it up here. And there's a strong possibility they'll spread the word about it on social media. 

You'll fare much better if you stick to this study procedure. 

As a result, if you follow this advice, you will begin creating only content that Google ranks. 

You'll quit creating posts that don't get read. Which is a colossal waste of time.

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