How to Boost Your Earnings on the Mobile Web

Here are three suggestions for increasing your mobile web profits. Indeed, the mobile web has grown in popularity.


Today, I'll provide you three ideas for increasing your mobile online revenue. Indeed, the mobile web has grown to the point that there are now more phones on the market than people.

In 2016, there were over 8,000,000 mobile connections, with mobile cellphones outnumbering desktop PCs. This is why optimizing your mobile web inventory is critical. So, today, I'd like to provide three key ideas for maximizing your mobile online revenue.

The First Piece of Advice
The top performing ad sizes on mobile are 300 by 250 and 336 by 280 pixels. The performance of these ad sizes will vary depending on your user's demography and site verticals, therefore we recommend doing an experiment on your AdSense account to compare the two.

Two-fold advice
If you're currently utilizing 320 by 100 and 320 by 58 units, it's time to upgrade. Unresponsive at the unit, on the other hand, is a good alternative. This ad unit will recognize the width of the user's browser and offer the appropriate outwit for your layouts needs. The implementation is straightforward.

It's identical to creating a fixed-size art unit, except that when you create the ad unit in your AdSense account, you select responsive as the ad size. We're also excited to share that full-width responsive advertisements are now available on mobile.

When the device is oriented vertically, do responsive ad units immediately extend to fill the whole width of the user's screen? This is intended to assist you in increasing your ad revenue.

The third tip is to optimize your ad placement.
Place your adverts in-between content or at the most engaging portion of your website to ensure that consumers notice them. For example, this publisher has discovered that people tend to scan over material and read the subheadlines as a result of this knowledge. They've put the advertisements close to the subheadline, but make sure there's enough room between the advertising and any clickable areas and text to avoid inadvertent clicks.

Go to the Adsense front end of your account and check the active view viewable metric to determine if your advertisements are being viewed.

To recap, if you employ the 320 by 50 or 320 by 100 trail responsive ad unit, you may easily increase your mobile web profits by 300 by 2:50 or 336 by 280. Also, make sure that your advertising are placed near the most interesting area of your material.